Frequently asked questions

When you say "all ages" what does that mean?

So, this is a question we get all the time. Parents are eager to get little ones started, retirees think they're too old... The simple answer is this: we do a free evaluation of you or your child prior to beginning lessons. We call it a "free lesson" or an "interview". During the course of the interview, the teacher decides whether or not the student is able to take lessons, either with them, or another teacher. If they work out (they usually do!) the student is then signed up for lessons. We will do interviews with children as young as 3, and adults up to any age!

What can I expect during a lesson?

During your lesson, your teacher will go over your assignments from the week before to make sure you got all the concepts you were working on. They'll listen to you play, how your week went with your goals, and then give you new work based on what you were able to accomplish. A typical lesson lasts 30 minutes - and it goes super fast! You can do your part by making sure you have all your materials, and even if you didn't play as much as you'd like - keep your normal lesson time.

Do I need to have an instrument before I start lessons?

The simple answer is of course - yes! Now, if you have no idea how to get a decent instrument, or how to choose one, let your teacher know at the interview. If you need help to get an instrument, we are here to help you!

Do I have to participate in recitals?

As much as we love to have all our students in one place at one time, we can't "make" anyone participate in recitals. We do encourage you to come and support others - maybe you'll hear something you'd like to play, or make a new friend!